Monday, October 19, 2009

Encaustic News Calendar October/November 2009

I went to see encaustic work by Catherine Eaton Skinner at Friesen Gallery in Seattle earlier this month. Just beautiful.......Those of you in the area should see it in person. Her exhibition is up until Nov. 2. Don't miss it!

Hope you get a chance to see some work in the following exhibitions coming up. Many of these artists I met at the Annual Encaustic Conference in Beverly, MA. and have become friends.... so I am happy to pass on this information to you. Others are new to me as well and I look forward to seeing this work in person. Soon I will be posting details about my show INSIDE OUT coming up in January here in Seattle.

Catherine Eaton Skinner
Silk thread, encaustic and mixed media on panel
36" x 12" 2009

Debra Ramsay
Balancing Act
October 8 - 31, 2009
Blank Space, New York, NY.

Debra Ramsay "Measuring Parallels 33" Encaustic, eggshell on birch panel 12" x 24" 2008

The Real - The Abstract - The Art of Hunterdon

October 2 - 30, 2009
Group Invitational
Malcolm Bray, Susan Blubaugh, Sheila Coutin, Alexander Farnham, Pamela Farrell, Penny Gagne, Barbara Osterman, Bruce Rigby, Rhoda Yanow
Prallsville Mills, Stockton, NJ.

Pamela Farrell "Ophelia (grey)" Encaustic on panel, 36" x 36" 2009

Nan Tull
New Encaustic Paintings
Oct. 2 - 31, 2009
Soprafina Gallery in Boston, MA

Nan Tull "Summer Eventide 16" Encaustic on board, 14" x 28" 2008

Nan Tull
Sensuous Wisdom 1984-2009
25 Years of Painting and Drawing
Sept 13 - Nov. 8, 2009
The Danforth Museum of Art
Framingham, MA.

Nan Tull "Movements #28: Loop" Charcoal on Arches 47.5" x 31.5" 1989

Jeff Schaller
Recent Paintings
October 1 - December 1, 2009
Galerie I.D., Geneva, Switzerland

Jeff Schaller "Lost in Translation" Encaustic 36" x 36

Thomas Workman
Three FORM
Exhibition of abstract paintings by Thomas Workman
Richard Hutter, and Victoria Johnson
November 5-30, 2009
Lisa Harris Gallery in Seattle, WA.

Thomas Workman "Prie-Dieu" Encaustic on panel, 24" x 24"

Alicia Tormey
Second Nature
New Encaustic Works
November 5-28, 2009
Pacini Lubel Gallery, Seattle, WA.

Alicia Tormey, work from her Gem Series, encaustic, 2009

Eileen P. Goldenberg
Solo Show
November 6-23, 2009
A Woman's Eye Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Eileen P. Goldenberg "Array 29" Encaustic, 9" x 9" 2009

225 F Encaustic Encounters
November 6 - February 6, 2010
Group Show
Tracey Adams, Jhina Alvarado, Margaret Berry, Mary Black, Mary Farmer, Eileen P. Goldenberg, Jane Harrison, Cari Hernandez, Molly Cliff Hilts, Jeff Juhlin, Jane Allen Nodine, Gay Patterson, Paula Roland, Marsh Scott
Turchin Center for the Visual Arts
Appalachian State University, Boone, NC.

Mary Farmer "Making Hay #2" Oil and encaustic on board, 2008


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