Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 Encaustic Conference Exhibition "Beauty and Its Opposites"

I have returned to Seattle from the 2009 International Encaustic Conference and I wish I could have stayed longer! What a great time we all had. The conference show "Beauty and Its Opposites" was beautifully put together and I was happy to exhibit
my work this year with so many talented artists.

This juried group exhibition features 20 artists from across the US, selected by Nick Capasso, Senior Curator at the DeCordova Museum. Capasso selected the theme Beauty and Its Opposites to challenge participants to go beyond the beauty of the wax. He notes that “Beauty is once again a relevant issue in contemporary art, and it is particularly relevant to encaustic where there is an expectation of beauty,” says Capasso, noting the lush surface and translucence of the medium. “I am personally interested to see how much one might intentionally subvert beauty. How might you make a work not beautiful and why? I’m interested in the dialog between the overtly beautiful and the non-beautiful.”

There are too many wonderful pieces to include here so I am posting a few that left a personal impression on me. You can see photos of my additional paintings in the show here on my studio blog

"Dual" 2008, encaustic, screen-printed cotton fabric, oil stick on panel
Kristin Swenson-Lintault

"Just Checking" 2009, sewn bank checks and encaustic
Daniella Woolf

"Just Checking" 2009 DETAIL
Daniella Woolf

"Family Wherebouts" 2009, parental rolodex and encaustic
Daniella Woolf

"Family Wherebouts" 2009 DETAIL
Daniella Woolf

"Teased and Striated" 2008, encaustic, inkjet print, xerox transfer on board
Christopher May

"Teased and Striated" 2008 DETAIL
Christopher May

"Adjustment" 2008, encaustic graphite, digital print on panel
"Seared Impressions" 2008, encaustic, burn mark, digital print on panel
Jane Allen Nodine

"Bed" 2008, encaustic on wood
Ruth Ann Muirhead Stephens

"Triados" encaustic, oil, pigment, shallac
Gregory Wright

"I Was Minding My Own...." 2006, encaustic mixed media
Danielle Correia


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